Green Nocturne


I like people with depth, I like people with emotion, I like people with a strong mind, an interesting mind, a twisted mind, and also someone that can make me smile.

This holidays have gone past too fast, half of December is gone already. And I’m (finally) turning 20 soon in a couple of days, but not sure if it’s something to be happy about haha. Need to start preparing my 2014 closure post, it’s going to be really long if I’m hardworking enough, for 2014 has been an insane ride thus far.

Embracing the upcoming festive season, the long-awaited Christmas *o*  Although it won’t be long before school resumes & I’ll be in Y2S2, I’m gonna make sure the rest of my December holidays will be nothing but a blast. Pretty much enjoyed every single meet-up since post-finals! Such memories will be etched in my heart for how long it’s worth, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Talk about coincidences … can’t believe I met two of my Guides juniors @ GAW party on Saturday! It has been long since I was the PL for Ixora in 2010, & times like these make me reminisce about my Guiding life. I’d be lying if I said that my journey as a Guide was smooth sailing, but all the different challenges faced along the way shaped me to become who I am today. Reconnecting with ’em juniors make me really happy, especially since they are in my patrol/buddy patrol respectively (: I’m glad for this coincidence, although I thoroughly embarrassed myself by exclaiming really loudly haha ah well.

I’ve loads to talk about GAW workshop + party @ iC2 Prephouse, but evidently my thoughts are currently all over the place and mega disoriented so … I’ll leave it for another time!

Signing off now, till the next time x

Living in ruins


My favorite season is approaching really quickly, in just 11 days the Christmas bells will be ringing YEY. Never questioned myself why x’mas is my favorite season, but now that I think about it, I’m guessing it’s highly likely because my birthday falls just one day after Christmas. And birthdays are really important to me – after all everyone only gets to celebrate their birthdays once a year, doesn’t that make it special & unique already? (: But there are cons on placing so much emphasis on birthdays as well hmm. Whatever it is, Christmas is coming & I’m really excited *o* 

Holidays have been awesome so far, several outings/meetups with friends + just chillaxing at home & watching dramas/variety shows that I’ve missed ‘cos of school/finals. 17 days to the last day of 2013, this year felt so surreal I can’t believe it’s ending already, time really flies. Can’t wait to sum up 2013 in an upcoming post, that will prolly be posted nearer the end of the year (: Currently not going out these few days to pack my stuff at home … packing is no easy feat ugh I hate packing ): But it makes me happy seeing everything placed so neatly, everyone has a certain level of OCD in them ultimately. Really love my revamped study table, pasted poster/polaroids/photographs/quotes on the wall in front of me. With such a pleasant view right in front of my eyes I’m definitely going to be at my study table a lot more from now on HAHA.

December is reaaaally happening. I like it. & can’t wait to have meetups with cousins, gon meet them thrice in the coming weeks before the year ends LOL. Excited for the x’mas party, and also to meet Huiling’s Japanese family! It has been YEARS since she has been back to SG, can’t wait to see my Jap baby niece *o* 

One main highlight so far is definitely Think Your Way Out (TYWO), with Yumin + Simin + Meina + Qijin + my sis! I’ve always wanted to participate in such an event, and my dream came true omg. Basically, TYWO was insane madness & fun & mind boggling, we were given exactly an hour to solve the mystery (aka diffuse the bomb), where we had to search for clues & solve pieces of puzzles altogether to ultimately complete the mission. Many ridiculous happenings, including stripping the mannequin (when we were not supposed to LOL), it was a genuine mistake HAHA. But whatever it is, thankful for the awesome company, thankful for the great first experience in a reality escape-the-room game ^^

Over the past few days I know a lot of thoughts I wanted to blog about, but always became too lazy to start typing away (in fact idk how I managed to actually type all these so far LOL). Completed watching Master’s Sun earlier in the month, horror-romance k drama, mega nice, and definitely going to rewatch when I have time! Just completed Laws of the Jungle Season 9, it’s a variety show with Infinite’s Sungyeol as one of the guests (: And in this season they explored Caribbean & Maya Jungle. Watched it for both yeollie AND the concept of this show – there’s something about surviving in the jungles & adapting to the wildlife that seriously intrigues me LOL. Watching all the breathtaking scenes & places of Earth that they go to explore, how they struggle to even stay alive by settling the basic needs like fire housing etc. It … honestly reminds me of Guiding days, starting a fire from twigs etc, pitching tents, basically the outdoor life. Brings back bittersweet memories (‘:

Turning 19 in 12 days, how cool is that. Not at all actually LOL but most of my friends have turned 19 already, and turning 19 signifies that it isn’t a legit reason anymore to use my age to explain my occasional lameness/behavior hmm. Anyway the picture-quote below is so legit, it’s time to make certain decisions in life, but honestly don’t know what to believe in anymore.