3000 miles

This should be everyone’s motto in life – it’ll make things so much better that way. Especially to be honest, of course. Because as much as how everyone says the truth hurts sometimes, won’t it hurt more if the truth was buried among a series of lies, only to be unraveled ultimately that everything has been nothing but a facade? If you really want to hide the truth to protect someone, then do a good job and make sure it doesn’t get exposed in your entire lifetime. Or else the truth will actually hurt a million times more than when you first come clean with it in the first place.

In a reflective mode now that I’m trying to slug through my soci journal entry hmm. Just ignore my ramblings haha. Spent literally HOURS crafting my journal entry, then editing it, deleting sentences after sentences away, to finalize the mere 300 words that I am contented with to submit (and no I’m still amidst all these editing, posting just for a short breather). What’s worse is that there isn’t a specified format, so we absolutely have ZERO clues as to what our entries are supposed to look like.

Talked about this a few nights ago with Yumin, I think the Kpop music industry isn’t what it was originally supposed to be anymore. It isn’t just purely about delivering good music, it’s all about the competition. And it is getting so damn tiring trying to keep up with all the controversies & what-nots, trying to discern who is telling the truth – plot twist: perhaps everyone’s lying. Then it boils down to whose perspective to look at, and what for let ourselves get troubled over this – when the original intention of music should be for enjoyment. Maybe that’s why I’m slowly going back to English pop music (don’t get me wrong I’m still an Inspirit it’s just that kpop as a whole is really, really tiring). I admit the English pop industry is … insane as well. But all’s well as long as I just focus on the songs & lyrics etc! On a sidenote, really excited for Avril Lavigne Live in Singapore, it’s happening in exactly 20 days, so excited *o*

Completed The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, it was a short yet good read. Definitely tear-jerking, and it touched my heart. Felt the bittersweet feelings, it was so cleverly and well-portrayed throughout this novel (‘: Found the other novels written by John Green, can’t wait to start on them after I finish reading The Notebook! There’s something about reading that acts as a getaway, a platform entirely out of reality that makes you wonder, and just wonder. About anything & everything.

Had a pre-CNY reunion dinner with my cousins yesterday, and it was so awesome (‘: Had the tradition to lao yu sheng with cousins, and we do it the Lim family way – adding dragonfruit to our yusheng HAHA lazy to upload the photo here though. Can’t get over how cute my nephew is, baby Kaile has this crazy obsession with phones. He knows how to unlock an iPhone despite being just 1 y-o+, talk about how technology has officially morphed into the lives of kids from such a tender age. And he can’t even speak yet, or rather he speaks gibberish now that sounds so adorable! It was so fun making Kaile crawl around the bed, just so he can get the phone. And he keeps crawling around in the same sequence, it was so hilarious. Babies are so innocent, may he grow up to be a fine guy HAHA. Wanted to play card games with cousins, but initially we couldn’t find any poker cards so … desperate us actually drew the cards out on A4 paper & tore them into poker card sizes. Left the paper-poker card version there, just in case we ever need it again someday.

Went to various places around BV area with Amanda on Friday, it was such an amusing time despite it being a short one. Thank you for the arrowhead chips (it’s so yummy)! And walking around aimlessly seeing stuff etc, and for helping me hold stuff so I have two free hands to hold my skirt down, all thanks to the crazy howling wind omg. Because true friends stay golden, no matter how frequent (or not) meet-ups are in real life (‘:

Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has their story to tell.

Shall end my post with this quote. Media & culture journal entry, we meet again x