Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.

So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t,

and believe that everything happens for a reason.

If you get a chance, take it.

If it changes your life, let it. 

Nobody said that it’d be easy, 

They just promised it’d be worth it.

Spent my time just now listening to all of Avril’s songs – both from old & present. Seriously can’t wait for her 6th album to be released (hopefully next year), because her songs are so therapeutic & just mean so much to me. No matter what other singers/artistes there are out there, Avril Lavigne’s position in my heart is irreplaceable :”) Proud to be a Little Black Star since primary school, wouldn’t trade spending my childhood listening to her songs for any other.

It’s quite a coincidence how the topic of trust pops out randomly again these days … so interesting listening to the different perspectives/advice from people I confide in. Don’t know why I did that in the first place but I’m glad I did. Everyone needs a little breather some time, so I’m genuinely thankful for the chances/platforms where I got to rant. But it doesn’t change the fact that it makes me feel guilty/burdenful towards those I talk to. 

Headed down to IMH yesterday morning for their volunteer orientation programme, it was so insightful & reaffirms my passions for the field of psychology & volunteering. As cliche as it sounds, it’s really about helping the people you can help to the best of your abilities, & making a difference. I’m positive with each volunteering experience comes great insights, hopefully being able to shape myself into becoming a better person! May it be a wonderful & meaningful journey of volunteering ahead.

Went back to hwach with the clique for MAF yesterday :’) Really miss hanging out daily at the CT bench, walking around or just chilling at random places & doing stupid stuff during break times. I miss randomly doodling on A’s paper etc (haha best tablemate ever really), or playing navigation with hierarchy tier mate. JC may or may not have been the best time of my life, but it definitely became better with the presence of my awesome clique. Without them, I think I wouldn’t be where I am today, really.

I kind of miss the tradition of celebrating MAF actually … I remember how we used to head to playgrounds with lanterns (either the electronic ones or the candle-lit ones), with a box of candles & just lighting them up to form shapes on the ground. If growing up means losing all these precious moments & little joys in life, then I’d rather time rewind & not move forward ahead.

I’m thankful for certain friendships in my life. Old or new, they all mean a lot to me, more than words can ever express, so thank you for the constants in my life. I guess the number of years attached to a friendship just reaffirms it, but even if it’s new friendships made recently, who says it can’t last for a lifetime? :’)

So much to do yet so little time, feeling so stressed out I’m not even kidding … but I’ll have faith. This is the last day of August, so till the next time we meet again in September x

Heart by heart


Shall do a quick post up! Currently waiting for mummy to fetch me from school … chilling @ The Deck alone since Huimin left for her RP. Had psych e-learning tutorial discussion, it was awkward initially since the few of us in our discussion group didn’t know each other at first, but it got better I guess (: Overall it was a really interesting discussion, the topic of sensory illusions is so interesting (:

Downloaded a song just approximately 4 days ago, and the play count is at 285 (and counting) right now. It’s the movie soundtrack of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. It’s a movie I will definitely want to catch some time soon, and I downloaded the e-book series already hee started on the first book and yes it seems super interesting. Can’t wait to continue reading, but I really need to start planning and regulating my timing properly hmm. I was supposed to make good use of this e-learning week  but I haven’t done much so far. Hopefully it will get more productive as the days go by, or I know I will regret hmm. Okay back to the song. I think the song is super nice, Heart by Heart – Demi Lovato.

When you’re with the one you were meant to find
Everything falls in place, all the stars align
When you’re touched by the cloud that has touched your soul
Don’t let go
Someone comes into your life
It’s like they’ve been in your life forever

Mega love the lyrics + I know I will never get tired of listening to this song over and over again (: On a sidenote … Avril’s new album is finally going to be released – the long wait is over YEY can’t wait to download her latest album the songs are all so promising (evidently from the two singles released earlier this year)! Mega huge Avril Lavigne fan if you didn’t already know, loving her songs since primary school days. It has been a looooong time (:

Just 3 more days and it’s back to Hwach for MAF 2013, no words can explain how excited I am for it, the countdown is killing me can time just hurry fast forward to Saturday ): I miss my JC friends so much + it will be a good chance to see juniors & catch up with them (: Sighpie hurry hurry okay maybe I should just be super engrossed in mugging/completing assignments in these 3 days and time will fly quickly (does it even work this way). I am so troubled by psych & soci mid term assignments ugh ): I’ll start working on them tonight, I promise.


Maybe someday I should compile a book of things that I’ll never say. Thoughts etc, it scares me how much thoughts are left unsaid – now that I think about it. I wonder how different my life will turn out if I was more daring in certain aspects hmm. Whatever ugh, time can’t undo and I can’t rewrite the past … not like the present is any better now actually. But I’m learning, learning to adapt, learning how to get over certain things. And to stop thinking about certain things too those thoughts kill me like no other ugh ): 

We can hide things away. But we can’t forget.

This is so true ): And that’s why I’m feeling so miserable and all right now. Anyway last night/the past few nights have been dedicated to talking/listening to one of my friends and her stories … it made me have many realisations. They all just dawned upon me etc, I shan’t reveal too much here but I would say it was definitely worth the time and late nights, somehow amidst listening to her pour out all her inner feelings & troubles, made me sort my thoughts properly too. Confused, yet I think I get and know what direction I want things to head to. I don’t know if I’m making sense at all, this is so hard to pen down into words. But no matter what, I’ll get over it, I’ll shut all ’em stupid thoughts up, and just let fate decide everything. 

It’s not cliched to believe in fate, right? I really believe in fate, I believe in destiny & all that stuff. Someday, everything will turn out to be perfect in my life. I know it will, I just need to have the faith. Shall end my post here, I’m running out of sane thoughts already maybe another post tonight or tomorrow or I don’t know whenever I feel like it k bye bye bye

P.S. I love snapchatting my babes I swear they send the most amount of entertainment via all ’em stupid pictures/videos


And you know my heart by heart x