Bits and pieces


I don’t like how easily my feelings/emotions/mood change with things. It’s so vulnerable now such that small little things will mean so much, and on the reverse = affect me so much as well. Since when did I allow myself to be put in such a position ): I really don’t like it at all, how do I get rid of this ): ugh fml stupid thoughts screw you go away bye bye bye.

Anyway … I realised I need to um, be more mature. My actions/the way I present myself in front of my uni friends is just unacceptable in a sense that I’m probably too lame/childish & totally not acting like my age. I really need to start maintaining hahah okay I think/hope this will naturally die down since I am too stressed out by everything I won’t be in the mood to joke around anymore. Turning 19 in 3 months & 2 days’ time, I know I’ll miss being 18 for sure.

And …. I need to start getting my directions around NUS right ): It’s insane how bad my sense of direction is (to think I used to be from Guides LOL) … but NUS/FASS is really like a huuuuuge maze. 4 years later I hope I will be able to walk to LTs/tutorial classrooms/laboratories without the help of signs, although it’s highly unlikely given my current state ): Oh anyway, NUS flooded today, mainly at KR MRT area + FOS. The pictures circulating around are really hilarious but … sad for the students/lecturers who suffered ‘cos of the flood |: Please don’t flood tmr thanks my one and only lesson is at FOS LOL.

Currently plugged in and listening to the Mugging Playlist that I created – purely made out of nothing but English songs (: So therapeutic really. #nowplaying If You Can’t Live Without Me, Why Aren’t You Dead Yet? – Mayday Parade. Love this song so much, and the irony is that this insane long title doesn’t appear a single time in the song lyrics LOL. But I still love this song all the same (: And admit it, the title’s pretty cool.

When you hear this chorus/ do you miss the way the world was spinning for us/
do you hurt the way that I do/ after all this time you leave me broken/
this song is every word I left unspoken/ when you hear this girl I’m hoping/
that you think of us

It’s past midnight so it’s officially just 8 more freaking days to Hwach MAF (: I never looked forward to any Hwach event as much as I am currently anticipating 14 Sept … it’s insane how much I miss my dearest Hierarchy tier babes ): And I get reminded of them everytime I see the word Hierarchy in Sociology (it appears so damn often it’s killing me x__x) So nostalgic about everything and anything, even the studying system in Hwach ‘cos it isn’t as stressful as uni life LOL.

#achievementunlocked this morning because I woke up at 6.45am just to complete my soci tutorial LOL. It is the earliest I have woken for school in these 4 weeks of official uni life + I haven’t woken up this early just to do work since mugging-for-A’s days -__- 

Kind of made a decision, but it hinges on one more factor. Hope everything gets confirmed soon, I just don’t have the courage to step back in alone. That thought just scares me too much, yet I know how badly/really want to commit myself to it sigh. Still confused/conflicted, I hate this feeling ):

Too distracted or anything to continue posting (hence I shall postpone my 20 facts yet again whoops) k bye bye sleep early people sleep is nice it makes you sane

Sleeping is always good. While you are sleeping, you don’t have to think about how miserable your life is.But then you wake up and there it is all over again. Your miserable life.