Breakable Thread

tumblr_n9yyizA7Uv1r4t22eo1_400 But at some point you have to stop being so angry, you have to stop being so sad, you have to stop killing yourself and start being gentle with yourself. At some point you have to just let it all go and be happy, you have to spread love instead of being afraid of it. You have to love yourself and everyone around you before it’s too late. Don’t waste away being unhappy over trivial things. Don’t do it. Don’t do it to yourself, and don’t let other people do it to you.

More often than not, decisions have to be made; and behind each decision lies a series of thoughts & considerations, no matter its scale. For matters that have massive implications, there’s bound to be pros and cons when arguing from different perspectives. It all boils down to what really matters, and what’s the most important stand that you should be adopting. For one, it’s definitely important to think in the long-term, and not just attempt to fulfil short-term satisfaction & what-nots.

I really need to sort out my priorities in life, and not blindly do everything that I feel obliged to do. And yet at the same time, it’s the responsibilities of the commitment that is the nagging voice at the back of my head. Shall continue to take things in stride, and hope for the best ultimately. For something with so much time & effort invested, I sure hope it will succeed well, and serve its original purpose of helping people in need in the community.

Summer of testing limits & boundaries, please let things go smoothly from now on x