Remember when



Hopefully this is really true, that good things are going to happen (& hopefully soon!) Kind of feel like my life is lacking some excitement/ meaning these days … it’s back to the mundane studying-sleeping lifestyle again hmm. Uni life is really taking a toll on my sanity these days, I’m so sorry to all my friends who have been receiving crazy snapchats from me/ nonsensical whatsapp messages & what-nots HAHA. But it’s really amusing/funny to see friends go crazy with me, especially when it’s always a snapchat party with all the crazy ones like “spying on ____”, there were at least 30 snaps exchanged just purely on the random stuff we spy on. Always welcome more snapchat buddies because seriously, I head there everytime I’m bored (that’s pretty often imo) hee.

‘ve been wanting to blog about last fri but evidently never gotten down to doing so … so here’s it! Had such a pleasant surprise last fri in school. Adelyn sc-ed me showing me she was at the Deck, so I was really happy already because it’s so rare to see her these days since I’m in NUS but she isn’t. Made my way to deck while calling her to get her exact location, and she told me there were friends there whom I know too. And when I arrived … I freaking saw Susi Rachael Vivian there as well, I swear I could burst into tears at that point in time. And hence it turned into an unplanned 111’07/211’08 gathering, I miss the carefree days in NY so damn much. Especially Adelyn & Susi, it’s sad how we don’t get to meet up so often now because we are all in different unis, leading different lives & bounded by diff schedules etc ): The two closest friends I’ve gotten since sec 1, it has been long, but we grow, we all grow up together :’) Reminisced & caught up with each other it was pure bliss really. Talking back to the days where we were so young innocent carefree & what-not, life has really changes a lotttt since those secondary school days. This bunch of lovelies made my NYGH life start on such a good note! On a random note, I conclude that Adelyn is seriously the coolest friend I have due to various reasons HAHA. 

So last fri ended on a good note because of them, and tomorrow will be an awesome end to the week as well, can’t wait for lessons to end so I get to meet people who matter so damn much to me. And not forgetting upcoming concert to support my hierarchy babe, so excited already *o*

I guess I should add that … I’ve survived 2/3 midterms for this sem already *pops confetti* Biopsych was over on tues + psych stats I was over on wed! Only left with social psych midterms which are after recess week and … purely MCQ. Thankful that recess week won’t be as tiring as last sem’s, but of course it’s still going to be full of studying & proj work. Not that I’m complaining, I feel that I’ve gotten it easier than some others who have to lug through notes after notes during the upcoming recess week. Excited to study for social psych too, because it’s an interesting aspect of psychology that I might consider dwelling into. Haven’t exactly decided much yet for certain, let’s just see how things go along the way.

It’s not enough, it’s not enough to get me

What is it I want

It’s not enough, it’s not enough to get me

Everything I need

And I wish, I wish it was

I think it’s time

To give this up

May everyone around me get happier x