Special Stars


For some of us are much harder to love. For some of us, living doesn’t exist, we are here surviving. We can breathe but not freely like the others. For some of us would describe ourselves as terrifying, different and damaged. For some of us let someone do this to us. Mess us up so badly emotionally and mentally that we have turned cold because that’s the only way we can survive the pain that is guaranteed to come. For some of us are called “selfish” when the people around us are too selfish to realize that we are not okay. For some of us need that drink to keep our hands away from the things that rip into our flesh. For some of us don’t have it easy and have grown up in this perfect society something less than human. For some of us have lived enough nightmares that we can’t feel anymore. For some of us spend hours every night trying to fall asleep with our hands over our mouths so no one can hear us crying, so we can’t hear ourselves crying. For some of us can’t be broken because we already are.