[UPDATED] The Avril Lavigne Tour


Singing radiohead at the top of our lungs

With the boombox blaring as we’re falling in love

Got a bottle of whatever but it’s getting us drunk

Singing here’s to never growing up

15 February 2014 marks the night where I first met Avril Lavigne in real life. And it was purely amazing + perfection. The first split second I saw her in real life … it was so damn surreal. I still can’t believe it *o*

Got really hyped up & overwhelmed with feels during the entire concert, it was mega insane with all the screaming/shouting/singing & what-nots! She sang a total of 17 songs, all of which were live (with her awesome band who performed alongside Avril for the entire concert). Thankful that our seats were all the way in front at the first row, with a perfect view of the entire stage *o*

[UPDATED] Going to add in the set-list because I don’t ever want to forget any of the songs that I have witnessed Avril perform live!

Intro video
Hello Kitty
Rock N Roll
Here’s To Never Growing Up
I Always Get What I Want
Hush Hush
Let Me Go
My Happy Ending
Don’t Tell Me

(Encore 1)
Bad Girl
He Wasn’t
Losing Grip
Sk8er Boi

(Encore 2)
What The Hell
I’m With You

The 2 songs that struck me the most was Complicated + I’m With You. Okay to be fair, ALL the songs made me have goosebumps & made me overwhelmed with all the feels that I could possibly feel in that instance. Avril has THAT kind of a great impact on me, no kidding.

Complicated – how Avril mentioned during the concert that it was her first song ever in her career – her debut song in 2002. The way she sang it with so much passion, how her vocals completely serenaded the entire indoor stadium, how sincere she sounded in every single lyric she sang out tonight. She acknowledged all the Black Stars that stayed with her since day 1, it gives off such a fuzzy feeling :’) After all, it has been 12 whole years, it wasn’t an easy feat but she did it. And these were her exact words she said:

I started the Avril Lavigne tour a couple of weeks ago, and I’m so happy to be here in Singapore tonight. And i want to thank anybody out there, and dedicate this song to everybody out there who has been a fan of mine since Day 1. Thank you so much, this is my very first single, Complicated.

I’m With You – this was the final song of the concert. Calm & peaceful song, everyone in the audience was singing along with Avril, how she looked so happy that we all knew all the lyrics despite I’m With You being one of the earlier songs she released (looong ago). And in that moment I felt the pure bliss & happiness :’) I didn’t know the people around me personally (except for my sis aka awesome videographer for the night thanks sis), but at that moment, we all knew we were proud Black Stars for Avril Lavigne.

I’m really really really thankful to have been able to see her perform live tonight. I got to witness her pop punk princess attitude, listen to her powerful vocals sing live & going so steady throughout the entire concert. I don’t regret one bit being a Black Star since young, because her songs are my inspiration, to get me through the rough days :’) All the lyrics, the melody of songs that she arranged & composed on her own, it’s more than sincere, it’s simply genuine.

Won’t say much about this, but it’s definitely a night worth remembering & reminiscing, a night that I’ll etch in my memory forever, a night that I’ll give anything just to experience it all over again. I’m still mega overwhelmed with feels now omg. After all, there’s something magical in seeing your all-time favorite performer right in front of your eyes, serenading the audience with her songs (‘:

15 February 2014, The Avril Lavigne Tour (Live in Singapore), thank you for the memories x

It’s a damn cold night

Trying to figure out this life

Won’t you take me by the hand

Take me somewhere new

I don’t know who you are but,

I’m with you (‘:



From, To

I know the title of my post seems really weird/doesn’t make any sense. But it’s something that I saw on Tumblr that I really want to share because it was just like … whoa it made me so damn speechless when I saw it. Bittersweet sad post in just a few mere sentences.

Two months into our relationship you once asked me how much I loved you and I just said “From here”.

You didn’t get it and you got mad and you thought I was just playing around.


Breaking up after almost 2 years being together, I sent you a message 6 months later saying “To here.”


You still didn’t get it.

)’: It’s such a bitter feeling.

And this is basically what I’ve been doing these few days – Burying my head in books after books, notes after notes, mugging for finals. Honestly don’t except myself to get a good CAP this sem, I’m just hoping for decent grades enough to get me by. And I’ll repent & be a good girl from next sem onwards I promise! Since I somehow earned a reputation of constantly ponning lectures this sem … but some lectures are really a waste of time AND can be self-studied so I don’t see the point in being physically present, especially since there’s webcast as well. Not to mention the long travelling time from home to school, and then back home, that’s so much precious time wasted. Hence, ponning lectures is justifiable (who am I kidding). Next sem, I’ll be a good girl.

Remember my previous post about Avril Lavigne & how I wish that she’d come to SG for a concert? The morning after I wrote that post – my dream came TRUE. 5 Nov 2013, I woke up at approx 10am learning that Avril Lavigne is having her concert 15 Feb 2014 *o* And that the tickets have started selling since 9am (!!) So yes … I finally got my hands on 2 Cat-1 tickets, imagine the pure bliss & excitement that I experienced that morning (‘: 5 Nov 2013 was supposed to be a nostalgic day since it was the 1-month mark since then. But I’m glad this sudden surprise of Avril’s concert tided me through that entire day I was literally all smiles & what-not (:

Avril Lavigne Live in Singapore 2014 – Rawesome Tour

How good does that sound ^^ My tickets arrived in the mail a couple of days ago, keeping them safe because I’ll just kill myself if I lose them. So damn glad for a dream-come-true, just imagine seeing Avril Lavigne in real life, and most importantly getting to listen to her sing live omg I can’t contain my excitement *o* 

Oh yes and JIN made her debut on 8 Nov 2013, her debut song Gone is currently on replay (click on the title to watch the MV!) It’s so nice, the MV was so touching, the ending was so bittersweet :’) Just some background info for those who aren’t familiar, JIN debut as a solo artist for now, but she will officially debut & promote as a member of Woollim’s Girl Group early next year, alongside Baby Soul, Ji Ae, and a few other girls. Both Baby Soul & Ji Ae have made their solo debut, and JIN is the last girl from Woollim’s Girl Group to get to have a solo debut! JIN’s vocals are soooo good (just like Baby Soul) and a plus point is that JIN is so pretty omg. 

See what I mean? Really looking forward to Woollim’s Girl Group debut early next year (coupled with INFINITE’s comeback after their World Tour ends early next year as well). Have some reservations about Woolim’s Girl Group because of certain reasons but … I’ll hold my comments till their debut (: Really hope they won’t disappoint – after all Woolliment doesn’t disappoint, their artistes are awesome this way hee. Love the (translated) lyrics for Gone as well, I’m a sucker for bittersweet songs/lyrics.

In the place where we were together

In those moments where we could have walked together

I’m holding onto myself alone

In this place, even our future, my wishes have stopped

I’m standing here and you are gone


I’m sorry for the incoherent post but I’m just really typing whatever that comes to my mind hee.

Snapchat is awesome. Mega love my regular Snapchat buddies who never fail to make my day (several times) with ’em insane Snapchats (‘: Coincidentally, these are the people who keep me going every single day. Those whom I trust in my life, those whom I rely on so so so much for everything & anything. Play hard, work hard. It’ll ultimately be worth it, eventually.

Last thing before I end my post & head back to conquering Linear alg (wish me luck Lab Quiz in a few days ugh matlab … sucks). CLB is allowing overnight study, basically it’s open 24/7, should I should I? I’m the kind who can’t concentrate at home I end up doing useless stuff/ things not related to academics like updating endlessparadigm *coughs*. And studying in central library AND studying at night really makes me waaay more productive. Said this many times before, I’m not a morning/daytime person. My productivity rate shoots up at night as long as I get over the sleepy phase! Considering overnight study, anyone interested to join me?

Finals start in 16 days, PRESS ON. And it’s time to study go go jiayou don’t give up not now not ever (:


Hello Heartache


Avril Lavigne’s self-titled 5th studio album is finally out (!!!) Okay it was supposed to be officially released on 5 Nov, but it was pre-released in Australia/Germany on 1 Nov, and the album is currently on replay throughout the day.

All the songs are awesome, and I’m not even kidding. Apart from Here’s To Never Growing Up & Rock N Roll which were pre-released as singles earlier this year, my favorite songs from this album are Hello Heartache, Hush Hush, 17, and Give You What You Like. If I really had to list I’d end up listing all the songs whoooops. Linked the songs to youtube, click on the song titles mentioned above to listen to them (: In fact, there are 14 songs in total, and all are unique & special in their own ways. Definitely worth the time, do check the songs out!

Track Listing:

1. Rock N Roll
2. Here’s To Never Growing Up
3. 17
4. Bitchin’ Summer
5. Let Me Go (ft. Chad Kroeger)
6. Give You What You Like
7. Bad Girl (ft. Marilyn Manson)
8. Hello Kitty
9. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
10. Sippin’ On Sunshine
11. Hello Heartache
12. Falling Fast
13. Hush Hush
14. How You Remind Me

I love how Avril Lavigne’s involved in producing every single song – self-written lyrics & what-not. It makes her songs so easy to relate to, how sincere she sounds when she sings, how much emotions are poured out into each and every song. It has been slightly more than 2.5 years since her previous album Goodbye Lullaby, but it was more than worth it, to be waiting for her 5th studio album. After all, there’s a reason why I’ve practically grown up dedicating my time listening to Avril’s songs since the primary school days, and that says a lot. She’s not my all-time favorite artiste for nothing (‘: 

Goodbye my friend

Hello heartache

It’s not the end

It’s not the same

Wish it didn’t have to be this way but

You and I will spin the world to make love

Goodbye my friend

Hello Heartache


– Avril Lavigne (Hello Heartache)

From her first album Let Go (2002), to Under My Skin (2004), then The Best Damn Thing (2007), followed by Goodbye Lullaby (2011), and finally Avril Lavigne (2013), none of the albums disappointed in any way. Many people were skeptical when The Best Damn Thing came out since she was venturing to a different style, but it didn’t matter at all. The songs turned out so well, and it was still Avril’s style to me. Goodbye Lullaby and Avril Lavigne showed shadows of her original punk princess style – with more slow ballads (coupled with mega meaningful lyrics).

Hey, those days are long gone

And when I hear this song it takes me back

We were at the top of the world

Back when I was your girl

We were living so wild and free

Acting stupid for fun

All we needed was love

That’s the way it’s supposed to be


– 17 (Avril Lavigne)

Avril’s starting on her Rawesome Tour in January 2014, the tour stops announced so far are Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Guilty that I’ve been her fan since forever and yet haven’t gone for any of her concerts. Went to check, she came to Singapore for all her previous tours – Try To Shut Me Up Tour (2003), Bonez Tour (2005) and The Best Damn Tour (2011). I deeply regret not going for The Best Damn Tour in 2011 … but all that’s left is regret. Hence, I’ve decided that should she come to Singapore for her Rawesome Tour, I will attend it no matter what (should circumstances allow to the best of my ability)! I wouldn’t want to have yet another regret in my life, knowing that this was a choice I could have controlled. Attending at least one Avril Lavigne concert is one of the top item in my bucket list (:

I’m breaking free from these memories

Gotta let it go, just let it go

I’ve said goodbye

Set it all on fire

Gotta let it go, just let it go


– Let Me Go (Avril Lavigne ft. Chad Kroeger)

On a sidenote, I think Avril Lavigne is super pretty her features are so distinct & her attitude is just so … unique. And special. And awesome. She’s so talented too, composing songs, powerful vocals, Abbey Dawn (fashion line), and her own perfume fragrance series (: 

Avril Lavigne 2013 Photoshoot HD Wallpaper

I remember playing her songs on the piano, especially Innocence (‘: My all-time favorite song. Can’t wait for holidays to come, time to start sourcing for ’em piano scores again!

With all that said, I’m proud to be a Little Black Star.